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2016 London Marathon
The 2016 London Marathon concluded on April 24th, we witnessed over 38,000 runners from across the globe, who have come to participate in this world-class event. As one ...... more

Run Across China, See Around China. Run Across the World, Journey Around the World

Running a marathon is an adventure in itself. To combine it with a trip to a exotic destination makes it an experience you can carry with you all your life.

China is a runner’s paradise. Experience the incredible thrill of running through the country’s best scenery. So why not catch a chance to get the workout of a lifetime? Whether you are up for a marathon or a truly insane feat of human endurance, China’s destination runs are the ultimate excuse for your next vacation.

Combining the most challenging marathons with a great holiday, we offer travels to selected marathons and sport events in China and around world. With business experience and a good network, we know what you want and provide several travel and tour package options for your stay while attending our marathon event.


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