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The JinShanLing Great Wall Marathon Takes Center Stage @ 2014 Chicago Marathon Expo


www.runchinamarathon.com unveils itslf on the 2014 Chicago Marathon Expo with great great success. We would like to thank the Chicago Marathon Expo Event Management, China Peach Travel Tour for this wonderful opportunity to showcase our works. We would like further extent our appreciation for all who visited our booth.


We have greeted over 2,000 visitors from across the globe during the 2-day event. We were proud to present numerous Chinese marathon events, including the high popular Beijing Marathon, Shanghai Marathon, Genkis Khan Plains Marathon, & LeiGongShan Ultramarathon.


The JinShanLing Great Wall Marathon took center stage as fellow international runners were in awe of such a spectacular race. Being our marquee event, the JinShanLing Great Wall Marathon received the "woo..." and "ahh..." from the international audience, all of whom exclaimed at the grandeur and challenge of the Great Wall. Many told us the Great Wall Marathon is the crown jewel, which compliment the 6 majors in the world. Fellow runners expressed similar sentiments that the Great Wall Marathon is on their bucket list.