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Beijing Marathon Expo


Beijing is the first stop of our China-wide marketing campaign. www.runchinamarathon.com put the LA & Paris Marathon in the spotlight of the Beijing Marathon Expo, sparking instant sensation. We meet out 2000 over runners, many of whom are impressed with the plethora of marathon events we are promoting.


Many fellow runners expressed genuine interest in these global marathons, especially the glitz and glamor of Hollwood from the LA Marathon. An abundant of runners are attracted by the romanticism of the Paris Marathon. We are proud to be promoting such exciting events to the Chinese runners amassed in the Beijing Expo. 

We were amazed at the degree of enthusiam from the Chinese runners. Currently, the marathon fevor is running high, ranging from individual interest to corporate policies. Yes, many Chines companies are sponsoring overseas marathon trips as part of the employee welfare to allow for overseas travel and running a marathon. The combination of healthy athletic living and overseas travel intersects to allow for new brand of corporate welfare. This fares extremely well for global marathons such as LA Marathons and Paris Marathon.

www.runchinamarathon.com will travel next to Shanghai for its Expo, check back with us for more details.