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Ultra Tour Mt Siguniang
Siguniangshan Town, China

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2024 PandaUltra
Chendu District, Sichuan, China

2024 Great Wall Marathon
JinShanLing Great Wall, ChengDe, China

2023 Shanhaiguan Great Wall Marathon
Qinghuangdao, China

Registration open soon!
2024 EmeiUltra
Sichuan District, Sichuang, China

Registration open !

Run Across China, See Around China. Run Across the World, Journey Around the World

Running a marathon is an adventure in itself. To combine it with a trip to a exotic destination makes it an experience you can carry with you all your life.

China is a runner’s paradise. Experience the incredible thrill of running through the country’s best scenery. So why not catch a chance to get the workout of a lifetime? Whether you are up for a marathon or a truly insane feat of human endurance, China’s destination runs are the ultimate excuse for your next vacation.

Combining the most challenging marathons with a great holiday, we offer travels to selected marathons and sport events in China and around world. With business experience and a good network, we know what you want and provide several travel and tour package options for your stay while attending our marathon event.

[Running magazine reports on the Great Wall Marathon]

"Now what? "asked me my Friend Christian, when we evening in Manhattan at the Sitting in bars. He had a few hours previously in Central Park the New York Marathon finalized. Well, what can Still coming? Many discussions later we knew: a race on the Chinese wall!

Marathon on the Chinese Wall It is 22.000 kilometers long with countless steps. Of course, this piece of land was not spared by fancy sports organizers, so running events are held on the Chinese wall. Is it really a good idea to start there?

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