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Promoter Program

Become a Promoter
Join our Promoter Program and help market our various Chinese marathon events. Each of our Chinese marathon events has its own appeal and personality. We hope you would promote these events and spread the word. As a promoter, you can complimentary race entry, credit towards your hotel stay, and even flight ticket, plus other nice benefits.

We are seeking devoted and inspired runners, who are passionate about running and take pride in sharing this passion with other runners. As a promoter, you will become an expert on the Chinese marathon events you wish to promote. If this sounds like you, then continue reading below.

Join us as a promoter, be part of our running family.

Promoter Benefits Program Goals
The Promoter Program aims to increase awareness and marketability of our Chinese marathon events to runners around the world. Your word of mouth is much more valuable and persuasive than expensive ad or commercial. We know we can rely on your passion for running and social prowess to promote and market our events.

This is a grassroots program, which hopes to tap into the world of runners and allow them to see the beauty and challenge of the Chinese marathon events. As a promoter, you will be part of this greater running family.

Promoter Responsibilities
With all these handsome rewards, we naturally expect quality contribution from our promoters in order to make this a mutually beneficial relationship. There are many ways you can contribute. You may choose the tasks and activities that you feel most confident of. The level of effort you put into this is what you will get from the program. We hope you would do these tasks with the drive and inspiration of a runner at a start line.

To learn more about our Promoter Program, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.