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Sponsorship Opportunities
We provide many dynamic sponsorship opportunities for our Chinese marathon events. We are proud partners with Beijing Marathon, JinShanLing Great Wall Marathon, Shanghai Marathon, and many other major marathon events in China. These events are high profile and welcoming of foreign sponsorships. They offer a plethora of platforms in terms of sponsorships, which include logo branding placements, event participation, giveaways, signage, hospitality support and more.

Both Beijing and Shanghai Marathons organize major Expo, which cordially invite foreign business to participate through booths in the Expo, allowing exposure and coverage in the growing Chinese economy.

Placement Opportunities
The list below includes some of the avenues for sponsorship partners to provide branding and product placement for our various Chinese marathon events.



Sponsorship Program
We seek to find sponsorship partners to forge a long term relation with our various Chinese marathon events, which can contribute to elevating the event into global prominence. This would further enhance the experience for everyone participating in these events. You would provide branding and products for race participants and volunteers, with further opportunities to advertise, be a guest speaker, or simply volunteer at our events, like part of our family.

Sponsorship programs are fully customizable to fulfill the specific needs of our sponsors, pertaining to your specific marketing goals. Sponsorship packages are designed on different platforms, including Product, Presenting, Official and Corporate. Engage your brand with the marketing strategy that makes sense to reach a global audience. Our sponsorship package offer a value proposition miles beyond that of traditional marketing strategies: Access to global audience in emerging market

Only through your continual support as our sponsorship partners would these event further flourish into the global events we have envisioned to be. To learn more about our different sponsorship opportunities, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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